PANTOJA Home Service was born to take the world of logistics to another level with the service for transport and assembly companies

What do we have prepared for your company?

PANTOJA Home Service is responsible for offering a storage service tailored to each industry. We provide specific solutions that adapt to the characteristics of your merchandise.

Our goals are to guarantee the confidence, speed and profitability you need in the management of the last mile. The quality of the service requires highly controlled work processes, integrated digital systems, reliable transport and assembly, personalized storage and a strategic distribution network.
We provide specific solutions adapted to your merchandise:

Last mile transportation and assembly

PANTOJA Home Service is responsible for providing the best solution for distribution in the supply chain. We guarantee the efficiency in the management of transit times, quality and cost.

We plan, execute and manage the transport and assembly operations in the last mile adapting to the specifications of your merchandise and the final customer. You can also keep track of the service, as well as provide follow-up to the final customer.

Our service includes:

  • Collection of merchandise
  • Orders management
  • Route planning
  • Execution of transport and / or assembly
  • Billing control and procedures
  • Quality Control
  • Reverse logistics

Strategic logistics centers

Investment in development

Groups of two operators

Transport network

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