At PANTOJA Grupo Logístico we know that our activity has a great impact on social and environmental environments. Therefore, we work every day to do a good job and continue being a company with irreproachable ethical conduct. This is a key condition for our future development, which is to maintain a position of good citizens with the implementation of practices and policies related to the Quality of Services, the Environment, Health and Safety at Work.


In recent years, we have developed and confirmed this commitment. For this we have followed a series of international regulations, ISO 9001 and 14001, OHSAS 18001 and PantojaMASS; an internal policy that confirms our responsibility.


Our development as a company can only be given to customers, suppliers and workers who share this same vision and interest.


We are always one step ahead, everything we do is subject to legal regulation and revised, which gives us truth in our actions and, therefore, we achieve the trust of our customers. You can see the certificate of each stamp by clicking on them.


Economic and social development is accompanied by effects that compromise the present and future of our planet, so each year we issue an internal audit on the sustainability of our services. It is very important for us to meet the needs of the present, without compromising future generations.


Within the activities that PANTOJA Grupo Logístico carries out to contribute to a more solidary and sustainable world, there are two different commitments:


    1. Our Environmental Management Policy, which focuses its efforts on contributing to the conservation of natural resources and the achievement of sustainable development. 

    2. Waste Management, which are selected and generated by our work.

The Global Compact is a voluntary initiative, promoted by the United Nations, in which companies align their strategies and operations with ten universally accepted principles in four thematic areas: human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption.


PANTOJA Grupo Logístico is committed to respecting Human Rights, thus supporting the commitment and its 10 principles.


En el Departamento de I+D+i , nos preocupamos de analizar las nuevas tecnologías y adaptarlas a nuestras tres líneas de negocio. Para llevar a cabo esta labor hacemos uso de tecnologías punteras que nos permiten una mayor adaptación a las necesidades de nuestros clientes, ofreciendo alternativas que garantizan una gestión óptima de los recursos.


Disponemos de un equipo especializado y dinámico, lo cual implica que podamos satisfacer demandas muy concretas para nuestros clientes, ofreciéndoles la más óptima solución a medida desde la gestión de datos, hasta el diseño de interfaces gráficas de aplicaciones. Dada la amplia experiencia adquirida a lo largo de nuestra andadura, hemos desarrollado el conocimiento necesario para cubrir un amplio abanico de demandas de software, permitiéndonos el desarrollo de todo tipo de proyectos tecnológicos para clientes del Grupo.