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Road transport service at national and international level

At PANTOJA Grupo Logístico we have been providing transport services for over 75 years and we are aware of the professionalism involved in transporting your goods by road, which is why we work to ensure that our vehicles, drivers and routes are optimal for each client.

We currently have a team specialised in road transport with a powerful service structure throughout Europe and the Maghreb. In this way, we offer a flexible and fast road transport service of goods at a national level and with international coverage. We have one professional per client who will attend to you in a personalised way to advise you according to your needs.

Our aim is to offer personalised solutions.

What do we offer you?

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Full loads

We carry out full loads nationally and internationally, both for import and export.
Pantoja Transporte Logístico

Safety of your goods

We guarantee that your goods will be protected at all times during transport.
Pantoja Transporte Logístico

Personalised service

Our service includes a personal advisor who will inform you of the status of the goods at all times.
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We carry out split loads nationally and internationally with optimised routes, both for import and export.
Pantoja Transporte Logístico

Tailor-made quotation

We guarantee you the best quotation adapted to your goods, as well as advantageous transit times.
Pantoja Transporte Logístico

Respect for the environment

We are adhered to the Lean&Green project for the reduction of the carbon footprint, we also have regulations for the respect of the environment.

Reduced handling

Our transport goods management protocol reduces the handling of goods to a minimum.
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Quote within 24 hours

If your transport requires urgency, we guarantee a quotation within 24 hours.
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Delivery full loads 24 | 48 h

Urgent deliveries of full loads can be arranged to be at destination within 24 to 48 hours*.

*(check according to country of destination)

Types of vehicles we work with

Pantoja Transporte Logístico


A large vehicle, usually more than 13 metres long and 2.70 metres high.
Pantoja Transporte Logístico

Container Haulage

A type of vehicle that allows containers to be hung for transport on various vehicles such as ships or aircraft.
Pantoja Transporte Logístico


The trailer of this type of vehicle is a flat bed without sides or roof.
Pantoja Transporte Logístico

Clothes hangers

Specialised trailer for transporting large volumes of hanging laundry.
Pantoja Transporte Logístico


Large vehicle, typically over 13 metres long, 2.96 metres high and carrying 24TN of cargo.
Pantoja Transporte Logístico

Junkyard tubs

Top-loading trailer specialised in the transport of metals, scrap metal, aluminium, etc.
Pantoja Transporte Logístico

Dumpers and Moving Floors

Vehicle with hydraulic loading and unloading system, automatically moving the goods inside or outside.
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Vehicles whose cab and body are attached to the rest of the components.
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Special Transports

Specialised trailer or set for the transport of large goods.

Contact with us

You can request a quote or any information you need through the web form or the call centre. Our team will try to give you an answer tailored to your needs as soon as possible.
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