Who are we?

With over 70 years, PANTOJA Grupo Logístico has consolidated its position in the sector, striving to create a compact structure with a clear vision of the future.

We are a Group with a long history in the transport and integral logistics sector. Today, PANTOJA Grupo Logístico is a benchmark within the sector thanks to a strategy based on the feedback from our customers, the digitalisation of processes and technological development.

Our philosophy is centred on our full commitment to customer service, a high degree of specialisation, our own R+D+i department and strategic geographical locations. Offering innovative value to our customers is a guarantee for our future.

For our group it is very important to offer a competitive advantage to each customer. This competitive advantage is produced when the client has some differential characteristic with respect to its competitors that confers it the capacity to achieve higher yields than them, in a sustainable manner over time. This is producing more for the same cost or producing the same at a lower cost. If we are able to help you, we have performed a good service.

75 years of history

At PANTOJA Grupo Logístico it takes more than pencil and paper to write a story, it takes ambition, effort and hard work to make the words go beyond the paper and become a reality.

Our history was born in November 1948, when Juan Luis Pantoja, with his first lorry, started up his national and international transport business. Constant work, a great team and a commitment to continuous improvement define the Group that we are today.

It has now been 75 years of this history and we have many people, collaborators and clients to thank for accompanying us on this journey; together we have formed a Group with a compact structure and a clear vision of the future: PANTOJA Grupo Logístico. This anniversary is a further impetus to continue innovating as our goal is to remain a benchmark in the transport and logistics sector. This is possible thanks to our team, people who are our greatest differential value, and with whom we will be able to build and achieve all our future goals.

After so many years there is one thing we are very clear about: we will continue to innovate and specialise in order to give the best to our customers and the environment in which we operate.

We were born to go very far, and thanks to you we will continue working to achieve it.