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National e International
What do we offer?

  • Full load and groupage
  • Maritime and air transport
  • Departures from anywhere in Europe
  • Shipping and pickup in Baleares Island, Canary Island and Morocco
  • Personalized attention, unique professional by client 

We costumize solutions

We work to offer flexible, efficient and quality solutions that allow you to position your merchandise according to your needs. 

Liquid transport
About us

We have been transporting fuels to free service stations for more than 20 years. Today we are leaders in the south of the Iberian Peninsula, covering the territories of Andalusia, Murcia and Extremadura. Our work is professional, competitive and of quality. 

Trust guarantee

  • Experience and reliability
  • Full control via satellite
  • Drivers on staff
  • Delivery up to 24 hours
  • High insurance coverage

Refrigerated transport
We give you guarantees

  • Customized service
  • Specialization in type of load
  • Route optimization
  • Permanent information and management
  • Trazability and control of the merchandise in real time

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We have a team prepared to offer a personalized service according to your necesities. The experience has made us specialize in refrigerate transport. 

Logistics and Distribution
What do we offer?

  • Last mile logistics centers
  • Platforms of transhipment and consolidation of deliveries
  • Location of your merchandise in real time
  • B2B B2C tansport

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Why PANTOJA Home Service?

We have achieved more competitive traceability thanks to strategic logistics centers. We deliver at home with our own delivery vehicles in teams of 2 workers. 

70 years guarantee us to offer you the best service

Work, quality and innovation position PANTOJA Grupo Logístico as one of the leading companies in national and international transport, fuel transportation and logistics and merchandise distribution.

In recent times, our desire to grow and the ambition for reaching new goals, are translated into the implementation of two new business lines: PANTOJA Home Service and PANTOJA Frío.

A team,

with great values

 We maintain a constant commitment to sustainability and the promotion of social initiatives in the environment we operate.

2016 corporate CSR award.

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