PANTOJA Home Service was born to take the world of logistics to another level with the service for transport and assembly companies

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How does our service work?

Strategic logistics centers

Last mile logistics centers, transshipment platforms and delivery consolidation.

Investment in development

Own R + D + i Department. Computerization of the logistics process.

Groups of two operators

Delivery and assembly at home, with removal of the used.

Transport network

Transport to companies and final customers with the highest quality and security guarantee.

Our delegations

We understand the importance of closeness to our customers, which is why we have positioned ourselves strategically throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

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Why choose PANTOJA Home Service?

For a globalized world you need a partner that offers customized logistics solutions that provide process optimization and create value for your customers.

Our philosophy is based on providing each service with the experience and professionalism that today’s hair distribution needs.

For PANTOJA Home Service, in addition to offering a quality transport, storage and assembly service, it guarantees that your merchandise will be in the hands of a professional team, and you can rest assured that you can have the information you need at the time you want.

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