PANTOJA Frío offers a temperature controlled transport of merchandise throughout the Spanish and European geography from any location.

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Our team of professionals will provide you any information that you need


The technology installed in our trucks allow us to offer you permanent information


Temperature control and tracking of each transport


Continuous communication between departments to solve any aspectof the service

A firm commitment

  • Transportation of fresh food
  • Transportation of frozen food to -18º -20º -25º
  • Washing and disinfection of trailers after each transport
  • Refrigeration unit periodically revised
  • W strictly follow the rule of perishable goods, royal decree 1202/05. and with European regulations

Why choose PANTOJA Frío?

Our goal in transporting products at controlled temperature is to guarantee to the final consumer that the products are in optimal conditions for consumption or enjoyment. Several examples of temperature control can be seen in the case of fresh fish (+ 2 ° C),refrigerated milk (+ 4 ° C), fresh meat (+3º C), deep-frozen  (-25 ° C), fruits and vegetables (depends on each species, usually moving in the range 4-8º C), among others.


The options that are available to transport this type of merchandise are two:

  • Refrigerated vehicles –  Transport method that meets the requierements to preserve foods at previously agreed temperatures. The most frequent is the use trucks
  • Refrigerated containers – Used mainly for the transport of international goods and high volume by sea, because is the most economical alternative.

In PANTOJA Frío we are aware of the professionalism involved in transporting this type ofmerchandise, for that reason we work in order to get vehicles, drivers and routesin optimal conditions for each client. Offering personalized solutions is our goal.

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