We put at your disposal a European groupage service guaranteeing the efficiency you need to transport your merchandise.

PANTOJA Grupo Logístico has a European land transport department specialized in full and partial loads. We have the ability to combine shipments from different companies and find cargo to fill the return truck after delivery to the destination. We will be able to offer efficient transport solutions reducing the environmental impact by not making a return. In this way we can offer transportation solutions while reducing the cost of shipments and the environmental impact by not driving kilometers with empty trucks.

Below we detail the most relevant features of our fractional load / groupage service:

  • Flexibility, quality and speed
  • We have road coverage at European and Moroccan level
  • We guarantee compliance with the regulations to provide security and quality in the transport of your merchandise
  • Permanent information on the status of your merchandise
  • Personalized advice by our professionals with the aim of guaranteeing an efficient and profitable service.

In addition, we can assist you in more than 9 languages ​​with a consultant who will advise you at any time you need it.

Palletized merchandise

PANTOJA Grupo Logístico as a member of Palletways we provide national and international services for the collection and delivery of palletized merchandise in Europe within 24 hours.

With 18 European Hubs we are part of a great infrastructure to offer a high quality and efficient service at all times. We provide your company with the widest range of services in palletized distribution with 6 different types of pallets that adapt to the needs of your merchandise.

Types of National and International Services:

  • Premium
    Express service that allows the delivery of your shipment quickly anywhere in Europe.
  • Economy
    Service less urgent. It offers the best quality / price ratio for all palletized shipments that do not require urgent delivery. This service allows delivery within a period of 3 – 7 business days depending on the origin and destination of the same.

They will assist you in more than 9 languages ​​with a unique professional per client who will advise you at every moment you need it.

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