We need more than pencil and paper to write a story, we need ambition, effort and hard work for words to get through the paper and come true.

Our story was born in November of 1948, when Juan Luis Pantoja with his first truck, started its national and international transport work. A great team and the commitment to continuous improvement define the Group we are today.

This story is now 70 years old and there are many people, collaborators and clients that we have to give thanks for joining us on this trip. Together we have formed a Group with a compact structure and clear vision of future: PANTOJA Grupo Logístico. This anniversary is another impulse to keep innovating, because our goal is contisince our goa lis to continue innovating in order to be a reference in the transport and logistics sector. This is posible thanks to out team, people who asume our greatest differential valua, and with whom we will be able to build and achieve all our future goals.

After so many years there is something very clear: we will continue innovating and specialising our service to give the client the best solutions, and at the same time take care of the environment in wich we operate.

Do you want to know how we are now? Know us!